How to Play

What is Black Light Bingo?

The bingo phenomenon that’s been sweeping across America for a few years continues to be out of this world, and bingo players everywhere are loving it! It’s the popular game of Bingo… with a twist! Some call it Rebel Bingo or Galaxy Bingo, others call it After Dark Bin-glo or Bling. Lancaster calls it Black Light Bingo.

It’s more than bingo!

It’s high energy entertainment, tied in with fun games, black lights, awesome music and dancing in the aisles!  And it’s attracting the attention of the younger crowd – most who have never played bingo before.

If you haven’t had a chance to witness first-hand what this new craze is all about, then take a few minutes to watch Lancaster’s Black Light Bingo videos to get more information and lots of ideas on how Black Light Bingo can work in your hall or club.

What is Black Light Bingo?